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19: Discomfort Not Danger: Surviving the COVID Mind

We are all living with massive uncertainty and fear every day caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented unemployment, and civil unrest. Our minds are overwhelmed with the stress and anxiety at the upending of every aspect of our lives. This COVID Mind has kicked...

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18: This Is A Story About Control: Life’s Autopilot Mode

To live on autopilot is to live unconsciously through parts of our life. The human ability to switch to autopilot mode is a self-preservation, survival mechanism. We are all born with it. It enables us to filter and prioritize what bombards us as we...

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17: Your Voice, Your Vote, and Our Democracy: Voting Power – Part 2

This week, we continue our discussion on why we must all vote and the responsibility that we as Americans have in order to live in this democracy. Having a government that is truly representative of its citizens requires the active engagement and participation of...

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16: Your Voice, Your Vote, and Our Democracy: Voting Power – Part 1

Voting is a personal act, but it is also your obligation to your family, your community and your country. It has broad, societal consequences. Your vote matters. It does make a difference and it gives the people the power to choose who we put...

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15: The Power of Yes, Adaptability and Compassion in Action: Nurse Mary’s Story

Though used to handling emergency situations, nurses are being tested as true front line soldiers battling the Coronavirus pandemic across the country.  We all think a nurse is a nurse is a nurse and that they are prepared to handle anything–even an unknown pandemic....

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14: Keep Calm and Carry On: Teachers – Part 2

Our series Keep Calm and Carry On: Teachers continues this week with Part 2. In Part 1, we learned more than a thing or two from teacher Shannon Dunn who shared with us exactly how high the personal and professional cost has become for...

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