41: Is Grind Culture Grinding Us Down?

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The answer may depend on which generation you ask. With older ones having internalized it and younger ones glorifying it, grind or hustle culture has been around for hundreds of years and is embedded in the DNA of American exceptionalism. It is our work culture. For many, modern-day work culture involves working a regular job plus a side hustle, working multiple part-time jobs, or working well past 55+ hours per week in a full-time job. The truth is, left unchecked, grind culture can be harmful to your well-being and physical health, and is unsustainable as individuals and for corporations. But how do we stop grinding, when being overworked is often seen as a badge of honor with 4.2M Instagram posts tagged #riseandgrind, when society views it as a measure of success, or when some of us must work multiple jobs just to survive? With 1440 minutes in a day, the answer may be to take 5 of those minutes each day to make a conscious choice to power down, instead of always knuckling down. Start building your different work culture and get more out of life.





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