04: Relationships

At its core, a relationship is an exchange and connection/bond from one individual to another or to a collective.  In this time of uncertainty, social change, and the pandemic, our relationships have been tested like never before.  In this podcast, we discuss exactly how our relationships—with ourselves, our partners/spouses, families, friends, and co-workers—are being tested.  We look at the positive and negative implications and consequences that today’s crises are having on our relationships.

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“How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Author: Chris Kraft, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Medicine


“Love Under Lockdown: How Couples Can Cope During COVID-19”

Author: Keyonna Summers, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


“Home, But Not Alone: Is Remote Working Bringing Colleagues Closer?”

Author: Dr. Aaron Balick


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