13: Keep Calm and Carry On: Teachers – Part 1

Teachers are considered to be first responders, providing the vital service of caring for and educating our children. They are keeping calm and carrying on preparing and planning for multiple education scenarios of virtual/distance learning, in-person, or hybrid models to provide and care for their students during this uncertainty and fear caused by the pandemic. In Part 1 of our podcast highlighting teachers, we check in with Shannon Dunn, an elementary intervention teacher in Lexington, Kentucky with 26 years experience, to see how she is doing and discuss her thoughts, concerns and hopes for her students and their parents.  

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“50% of Teachers Surveyed Say They’ve Considered Quitting, Blaming Pay, Stress and Lack of Respect”

Author: Abigail Hess



“The U.S. Teaching Population is Getting Bigger, and More Female”

Author: Alia Wong



“Teaching for the Future: Creating the Teaching Profession that 21st-Century Students Deserve”

Author: Barnett Berry



“Virtual Teaching: Skill of the Future? Or Not So Much?”

Author: Elizabeth Heubeck



“Teachers Face A Summer Of Soul Searching. What Do They Do In The Fall?”

Author: Peter Greene


“Where are the Teachers”

Author: John Ewing



“For Teachers, This Is All Unfortunately Familiar”

Author: Peter Greene



“Teachers in the Pandemic”

Author: John Ewing



“1 Million Teachers and Staff Lost Their Job in April”

Author: Zack Friedman


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