14: Keep Calm and Carry On: Teachers – Part 2

Our series Keep Calm and Carry On: Teachers continues this week with Part 2. In Part 1, we learned more than a thing or two from teacher Shannon Dunn who shared with us exactly how high the personal and professional cost has become for teachers during the Covid pandemic as she prepares for the upcoming school year. In Part 2, we talk to Gennevie Deloney, a kindergarten teacher at a Title 1 school in the Phoenix, AZ area that includes a large population of at-risk students. Even with 20 years’ experience, the challenges of this new reality of constantly changing policies and procedures make this Fall seem like every teacher’s first year of teaching. Balancing the challenges of virtual teaching with the emotional well-being and safety of her students is a daily battle, but never more rewarding for her as she strives to make a difference in the lives of every student to let them know they still matter.

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“21 Things Teachers do Every Single Day but Don’t Get Recognized For”

Author: Angela Barton

“Teacher Characteristics and Trends”

Source: National Center for Education Studies


“The Teacher Shortage is Real, Large and Growing, and Worse Than We Thought”

Author: Emma García and Elaine Weiss

“America’s Schools are More Diverse than Ever. But the Teachers are Still Mostly White.”

Author: Laura Meckler and Kate Rabinowitz


“About One-in-Six U.S. teachers Work Second Jobs – and Not Just in the Summer”

Author: Katherine Schaeffer

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