15: The Power of Yes, Adaptability and Compassion in Action: Nurse Mary’s Story

Though used to handling emergency situations, nurses are being tested as true front line soldiers battling the Coronavirus pandemic across the country.  We all think a nurse is a nurse is a nurse and that they are prepared to handle anything–even an unknown pandemic.  This is not the case.  Nurses are having to adapt, adjust and execute in real time to do their jobs with accuracy and empathy.  In this podcast, we talk to Mary Catherine Madden, a New York City nurse practitioner with 34 years’ experience, who shares with us lessons she has learned while dealing with the COVID-19 crisis as it peaked in New York City and her advice for us as we go forward.  In a time when we seem to trust no one, we trust nurses, and this is why.

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“Nurses, Ethics and the Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic”

Source: American Nurses Association


“Nurses are Trying to Save Us from the Virus, and from Ourselves”

Authors: Dan Zak and Monica Hesse


“Nurses Who Battled Virus in New York Confront Friends Back Home Who Say It’s a Hoax”

Author: Jenny Gross

“Nurses are Leading the COVID-19 Response Around the Globe”

Author: Sarah LaFave


“Why Some Nurses Have Quit During the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Author: Safia Samee Ali


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