17: Your Voice, Your Vote, and Our Democracy: Voting Power – Part 2

This week, we continue our discussion on why we must all vote and the responsibility that we as Americans have in order to live in this democracy. Having a government that is truly representative of its citizens requires the active engagement and participation of all Americans, from Generation Z to the Silent Generation and everyone in between. Every vote matters. We the people are the power, have the power, and our votes give the power to the elected public servants. It all starts at the local level, where the decisions we make of local leaders we elect at the ballot box impact our daily lives the most. All elections matter and the results effect all of us. Your political views and affiliation are your right, flexing your power by running for office, by voting in all elections, and by holding our elected officials accountable is what we must do in order to keep this republic. It is your duty as an American. There is no other way.

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“Why Do We Vote”

Author: Christopher Munsey


“What Does it Mean to be a Citizen in a Democracy?”

Source: Ohio Literacy Network


“Why Voting is Important”

Source: National Geographic


“Growing Voters: an Opportunity for the Nation, for All of Us”

Author: Sarah Andes and Abby Kiesa


“Young People Want to Vote. So How Do We Get Them to the Polls?”

Author: John B. Holbein and D. Sunshine Hillygus


“Covid-19 Changed How We Vote. It Could Also Change Who Votes.”

Author: Michael Wines

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