62: Just What The Chatbot Ordered

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The doctor is in!  But what if the doctor isn’t human?  Our favorite psychotherapist, John Tsilimparis, joins the podcast as we discuss the growing impact of AI, and specifically AE (artificial empathy), in the medical field and in the most important aspects of our daily life.  What is Chatbot Therapy?  Can AE make us better humans or is it merely manipulating us?  This technology can be a game changer for providing support for human doctors in assessing actionable treatment and dramatically increasing access to mental healthcare services.  But with all of the progressive promise also comes the potential perils.  The father of AI has sounded the alarm warning us that AI is growing faster than we can control or regulate it.  Global security agreements and regulation must be established and implemented before it’s too late to prevent artificial intelligence from outsmarting us all.






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