57: The Breakdown: How Stress Is Breaking Down Our Hair

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Stress affects us in different ways.  For some, everyday stress makes it hard to sleep keeping us awake at night.  It makes others eat too much or not at all.  But did you know that stress can cause you to lose your hair?  We breakdown the truth behind stressed-out hair and what we can do to save it.  We welcome Trichologist and Celebrity Hair Care Specialist/Stylist, Shann Christen, to the studio to give us the true science behind hair loss, alopecia, and its connection to unmanaged stress, our diets, ageing, and our actions.  He clears up hair myths and fallacies that are making our hair fall out and educates us step-by-step on simple ways to improve and restore our luscious locks.  Cecile is living proof that it works.  Listen in and start growing healthier hair!


Shann Christen


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