60: Young At Heart Or An Old Soul? It’s All Subjective.

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You are as old as you think you are. Studies have shown that we typically perceive ourselves to be from 7 years to 20% younger than our actual chronological age.  This gap is called our subjective age, but are we just living in denial or is there a benefit to this kind of thinking?  Preconceived notions that we each hold on aging may also be a predictor of our eventual, future reality. People who perceive themselves to be younger than they are typically lead healthier lifestyles, engage in more positive self-talk and self-care, and tend to be less depressed. 


The puzzling gap between how old you are and how old you think you are


What feeling younger (or older) than your actual age says about your outlook on life 


Feeling younger than your age may be good for your health


Successful aging:  how you feel about your age can affect your health

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