04: Relationships

At its core, a relationship is an exchange and connection/bond from one individual to another or to a collective.  In this time of uncertainty, social change, and the pandemic, our relationships have been tested like never before.  In this podcast, we discuss exactly how our relationships—with ourselves, our partners/spouses, families, friends, and co-workers—are being tested. …

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03: What’s Your Superpower?

What if your job has changed dramatically or is not there as a result of the pandemic?  What will you do?  Understanding your own personal superpower is key.  Knowing and cultivating the core foundation of your skills (what you are good at) and having the ability to adapt, learn, and engage are superpowers we can…

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02: Social Distancing

With our personal space now increasing to 6 ft. because of COVID-19, we break down the term social distancing in this podcast—how it is defined, how it affects us emotionally, what the lack of human connection does to the social being, how we can minimize the negative consequences of being socially distant, and the surprising…

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