fight or flight

56: Stressed Out! Stressed Out!

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify To be human means you will experience stress at points in your life throughout the course of your life.  It is part of the human condition that, if left unmanaged, leaves us gassed.  Whether it’s because of work, family, weather, finances, loss, illness, or even the…

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19: Discomfort Not Danger: Surviving the COVID Mind

We are all living with massive uncertainty and fear every day caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented unemployment, and civil unrest. Our minds are overwhelmed with the stress and anxiety at the upending of every aspect of our lives. This COVID Mind has kicked us out of our comfort zone and our life as we…

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18: This Is A Story About Control: Life’s Autopilot Mode

To live on autopilot is to live unconsciously through parts of our life. The human ability to switch to autopilot mode is a self-preservation, survival mechanism. We are all born with it. It enables us to filter and prioritize what bombards us as we go through our day so that we can cope, focus, and…

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