30: A Tale of Two Teachers: Back to School 2021

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify Back to school is always a mixed bag of excitement, nerves, fears and change. Things are a somewhat better – we have vaccines and boosters too – but the tension and confusion, on top of a year and a half of living in a pandemic, has…

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14: Keep Calm and Carry On: Teachers – Part 2

Our series Keep Calm and Carry On: Teachers continues this week with Part 2. In Part 1, we learned more than a thing or two from teacher Shannon Dunn who shared with us exactly how high the personal and professional cost has become for teachers during the Covid pandemic as she prepares for the upcoming…

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13: Keep Calm and Carry On: Teachers – Part 1

Teachers are considered to be first responders, providing the vital service of caring for and educating our children. They are keeping calm and carrying on preparing and planning for multiple education scenarios of virtual/distance learning, in-person, or hybrid models to provide and care for their students during this uncertainty and fear caused by the pandemic….

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