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Show Host

Juan Fernandez

This year marks 32 years in the broadcasting world for me as an Emmy Award winning reporter and news anchor.

From a very early age you’d find me running around the house with a portable cassette recorder and a microphone interviewing friends and family members… and yes, some of those tapes still exist.

The same can be said today except this time it’s exploring topics I’ve been curious, fascinated or passionate about on the Ends with Z podcast.  If I’m curious about something I’m sure you will be too.

With age has come an inner peace and reflection and I hope I can help others explore those questions and answers as well.

Show Host

Cecile Munoz

I am a serial entrepreneur who started at the age of 11 with my pop-up concession stand during movies in our backyard in a very small rural hometown.  I am the last of 7 siblings which explains a lot about my determined, assertive, and competitive personality.  I am as equally fascinated by numbers and data as I am about understanding the deepest emotions and exploring the depth of human passion and compassion.  I have an insatiable hunger to learn and understand.  I love the energizing stillness of reading for hours and the calm, familiar feel of home I get from being surrounded by a large, loud group of friends and family whom I love.

As the founder and president of U.S. Executive Search & Consulting, a leading financial services recruiting and culture firm, I am part of a very small club of women-/minority-owned search and consulting firms working specifically with Wall Street investment companies for more than two decades.  I was born to compete, so in my free time you will find me dancing and competing in ballroom.

Executive Producer

Shawn Meaux

Being creative has always been part of my DNA.  I love writing, art, and designing, so creativity was always in my wheelhouse, along with learning new things.  After graduating from the University of Kentucky, I moved to Chicago where I began my professional career with pivotal roles in retail management (my store was the test store for the Old Navy brand), in finance at Merrill Lynch (series 7 licensed), in philanthropic/charity events and fundraising, and in advertising and commercial production (which led me to Los Angeles). 

2020 marked my 20th year in Los Angeles where I have continued to grow professionally and personally.  Working in commercial production & content development, in fashion and large-scale event production, in human capital and consulting, and sitting on the Board for a non-profit.  As an Angeleno, I have seen many dreams come true like meeting Janet Jackson and starting my own business.  I also enjoy hiking, designing, and taking dance classes, where I have met and got to know many wonderful, long-time friends like Juan and Cecile.  “Take comfort in knowing” has been a phrase that has guided much of my journey and it hasn’t let me down yet.


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