34: The Cost To Be The Boss

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COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated many things in our society.  Americans started new small businesses in record numbers during the pandemic, many fueled by being laid off or by just having the time and space to seriously contemplate their work and their personal lives.  Now more than any time in history, the path to being an entrepreneur is easier than ever before because of the internet and the digitization of work and life.  But there is a cost to being the boss, and that is accountability.  In this episode, our producer, Shawn Meaux, joins the podcast where he and Cecile discuss their entrepreneurial boss beginnings and insights they have learned along their journeys.  With the right mindset, you can turn your side hustle into the main dance with some hard work, a good plan, good luck, more hard work, more planning, and ultimately, doing and executing. 



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