38: All Work And No Play Means Time For A Vacay

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Taking time off shouldn’t be stressful, but it is for many, so much so that millions of vacation days go unused each year.  Where is the line between being a hard worker and working all the time?  It’s vacation time where the living is easy.  Or it should be and can be, if we are flexible and plan properly.  Do you take that trip to Europe we’ve put off that last 2 years or do we stay local to save money as gas prices continue to rise?  This week’s episode, we dive into the idea of embracing flexibility this summer (and we don’t just mean on the yoga mat), having grace with ourselves and how life now (or what we at Ends with Z like to call Life: 2.0) is an opportunity rethink the idea of working hard, while taking necessary downtime to relax and recharge.  How do we attain it?  Hint:  the answer may be in a 4-day work week and the convergence of traditional European ideals and American work ethic.


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