46: “Tell Me Who Your Friends Are And I’ll Tell You Who You Are.”

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This week we dive into an underrated topic:  the evolution of friendships.  We get personal as we discuss the correlation between how we evolve as people and how our friendships evolve with us.  What do you need from friends now versus when you are in your 50s, 30s, 20s, or in high school?  Is your BFF today the same one you had 20 years ago?  Do you even have a BFF?  What friends do we need as our lives change?  What purpose do they serve in real life vs. online?  Exec. Producer, Shawn Meaux, joins the conversation as we start to explore the importance of friendship to our wellness, discussing what true friendship requires and what it looks like as we grow, why friendship breakups can be healthy, and why it might just be the greatest love of all.




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