16: Your Voice, Your Vote, and Our Democracy: Voting Power – Part 1

Voting is a personal act, but it is also your obligation to your family, your community and your country. It has broad, societal consequences. Your vote matters. It does make a difference and it gives the people the power to choose who we put in power over us. To believe otherwise is self-suppressing your own voice, vote, and power. As we countdown to the 2020 Presidential election which is just weeks away, it is the perfect time to talk about the importance of why you must vote. Having your voice heard and safeguarding our great American democracy will only happen with your active participation and engagement.

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“Why Do We Vote”

Author: Christopher Munsey


“What Does it Mean to be a Citizen in a Democracy?”

Source: Ohio Literacy Network


“Why Voting is Important”

Source: National Geographic


“Growing Voters: an Opportunity for the Nation, for All of Us”

Author: Sarah Andes and Abby Kiesa


“Young People Want to Vote. So How Do We Get Them to the Polls?”

Author: John B. Holbein and D. Sunshine Hillygus


“Covid-19 Changed How We Vote. It Could Also Change Who Votes.”

Author: Michael Wines

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