12: Accessing Happiness

Happiness is not just happenstance.  Even in “normal” times, to be happy is an ongoing task requiring ones active engagement and participation in order to be achieved.  In unprecedented times like these with so much pain and uncertainty, finding ways to access ones happiness is more important now than ever.  Happiness starts with the individual but needs a supportive environment to thrive.  In this podcast, we talk about what happiness means to  us as Americans on a community level, how we compare to the other parts of the world in terms of happiness, and how you can access more happiness on an individual level from your work life to your personal life.  

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Happiness Research Institute


“How to be Happier and More Purposeful”

Author: Conor Neill, Lecturer at IESE Business School


“11 Questions to Help You Own Your Happiness”

Author: Michelle Braden


“Take Control of Your Happiness”

Author: Jodie Cook


“Bill Gates’ 5 Secrets to Happiness are Surprisingly Affordable”

Author: Remy Blumenfeld


“Coronavirus Advice: The Happiest People in the World Share 5 Ways to be Happy”

Author: Laura Begley Bloom


“Ranked: The 20 Happiest Countries in the World”

Author: Laura Begley Bloom


“How to be Happy: 23 Ways to be Happier”

Author: Tchiki Davis, Ph.D.


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