25: Dating, Mating and Hibernating in Captivity

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Living through a pandemic has changed how we date, and even who we date. The very way we are relating to each other as humans has shifted and changed. A year, and more, of isolation forced us all to slow down, giving us time to focus on what truly matters. Time to think about what we want, how we want to be loved, lusted for in our relationships. So how has this year of almost no human contact affected us as individuals and in our relationships, both, casual and intimate? How has the act of finding the “one” or just “someone” or going on an actual date changed and have those changes permanently changed us? As more people are vaccinated and things open up more this Spring, are we going to rush back into our relationships, are we going to see them in a different light, or will we be looking for more? In this episode, hosts Juan and Cecile get personal as they address these questions while discussing how the pandemic has affected some of their most personal relationships.


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