20: Dream Catch and Release

As children, we dream big and believe that we can be so many things when we grow up.  Game show host, doctor, lawyer, nun, a Jackson.  The fearless optimism that we possess innately when we are young seems to fade away for many of us as we mature.  As life unfolds, our dreams are pushed away or put on hold.  But what happens to a dream deferred or to the desires that led to our dreams?  Did “I want to be and I believe I can” shrivel up and die like a raisin in the sun?  Or did life’s journey change their course?  The loss and uncertainty we are experiencing from the pandemic has prompted many of us to look inward to examine our lives, our work, our values and our dreams and to make some major life changes.  While the challenges we are experiencing now are great, this new reality has giving us a tremendous opportunity to make necessary mental changes to reimagine.  What are your dreams?  What would you change, do, or try if you believed your dream can be your reality?  How do we get back to that childlike state of wonder?

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