30: A Tale of Two Teachers: Back to School 2021

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Back to school is always a mixed bag of excitement, nerves, fears and change. Things are a somewhat better – we have vaccines and boosters too – but the tension and confusion, on top of a year and a half of living in a pandemic, has been a steep price for all of us to pay. We wanted to give voice to the human side of the hot-button issue of bringing kids back to school. Ends With Z revisits (from podcasts #13 and #14) two Title 1 School teachers — Shannon Dunn from Lexington, KY, and Gennevie Deloney from Tucson, AZ– to hear their experiences, thoughts, and perspectives on bringing children back to school for in-person learning as the Delta variant, mask mandates, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, and vaccination mandates become the focus of and threaten school re-openings nationwide.


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