39: Rest, Relaxation, and Relationship Time . . . The New 3 R’s

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify Summer is here and that means vacay, baby! Yes, we’ve all had the wind knocked out of us lately with ever-increasing prices, especially when we fill up. So how do we get our three R’s: rest, relaxation, and relationship time, when everything is so expensive? The…

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38: All Work And No Play Means Time For A Vacay

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify Taking time off shouldn’t be stressful, but it is for many, so much so that millions of vacation days go unused each year.  Where is the line between being a hard worker and working all the time?  It’s vacation time where the living is easy.  Or…

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19: Discomfort Not Danger: Surviving the COVID Mind

We are all living with massive uncertainty and fear every day caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented unemployment, and civil unrest. Our minds are overwhelmed with the stress and anxiety at the upending of every aspect of our lives. This COVID Mind has kicked us out of our comfort zone and our life as we…

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